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A place in the Siebel Center for Comp Science to explore

Come check out Room 1129 in the Siebel Center for Comp Science! In collaboration with ACM, we are creating a space for students to create and explore IoT-related technology.

Currently, we are have the following equipment:

3D printer

Wireless transmitters (of various types)

Wireless base stations

Network routing equipment

High gain wireless antennas

Networking equipment

Various cables

Analyzers and other troubleshooting equipment

Electronic building equipment (soldering, wiring, etc.)


Books (networking, security, IoT, wireless security, foundational algorithms/math/theory, networking theory, ML, data mining) for checkout


Find Room 1129 in the North-East corner of the Siebel Center for Comp Science


Please read the following before request access

To access the Makerspace, we need to provide access via your i-Card. If you want to request access, please read the following in full before filling out the form.

The Makerspace is a shared lab with valuable equipment in it, so we all need to work together to make sure the room is protected. We are not going to be super uptight, and in fact, we do want you to mess around and experiment with the space, so please don't feel constrained. But with that being said, we do have the following norms and guidelines we want everyone to follow:

1. You will keep the door closed and locked if no one is in the room. If you are the last one to leave, please make sure the door is shut and locked behind you. This will help prevent theft. In my experience, UIUC students don't steal things but sometimes non-students enter Siebel so we need to keep the door locked to be safe.

2. We keep screws and cables and items out in the open to make them easy to access. Please help us by putting things back where you found them when you are done. This will help other people find things when they need them.

3. If you find out we are short on any items please let us know right away. This will help us replenish as fast as possible. Also, if you have spare items at the end of the semester feel free to donate them to us by leaving them in 1129!

4. You'll be careful with equipment, and avoid accidentally damaging other students’ projects.

5. You are allowed to bring friends and colleagues into the lab but try to make sure they're careful and follow these rules too.


Enter your @illinois email to request access